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Urgent Medical Info

If you answer "No" to any of the following questions, then Urgent Medical Info App is for you.

1. Do you know the prescribed medications your children are or have taken? 

2. Do you know the prescribed medications your spouse or significant other is or has taken? 

3. Do you know the prescribed medications your parent(s) are or have been prescribed? 

4. Does the teacher, school or church of your children know about allergies or medications your child needs?


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B.W., Pet Owner

We use to store information on our dogs. so we can share  access to the information with our neighbors!

J.B., Vice President Information Services

Each employee having a parent and/or a child needs the services provided by!


The services provided by are a "must have" for elderly parents in assisted or independent living!

Urgent Vault features the following areas for you to store information and share necessary information with family members, medical professionals, employers, teachers, chaperones and more!

- Basic Information such as name, address, telephone number, email address, blood type, etc.

- Prescription Information such as pharmacy, medication, frequency, physician and more!

- Medical History Information such as condition, physician, date, treatment.

- Physician Information such as name, address, telephone number, email address, etc.

- Insurance Information such as company name, contract number, group number and employer

- Allergies Information such as conditions, physician, date and medication.

- Other Information for special needed information or notes.

- Vault for pictures, reports, passports, fishing license, boat papers, hunting license or other electronic images.

All for pennies per day!!!


With Urgent Medical Info, you can maintain important medical information from your computer or smartphone. 

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Let's face it, Accidents Happen! is with you! With an subscription, you can share important information electronically with the push of a button before: 

- Boating

- Fishing

- Hunting

- Playing Golf

- Vacations

- Business Trips

- Target Practice

- to any indoor or outdoor event!

All for pennies per day!!!