As a husband, father, son and person who on several occasions has been responsible for the children of others, there are many reasons for the creation of Urgent Medical Info. For example, I couldn't tell you at any given time what medications the people I love are prescribed (if any). Our health insurance provider has changed several times over the course of time resulting in important medical information being lost or us having to pay for copies of medical information if available. In addition, when a medical provider retires or dies, gaining access to our information stored in their facility can be a cumbersome, time consuming and possibly expensive process.

Our group has over 80 years of combined health care and information systems related experience. We wanted to build a simple to use system which provides value to the members. We talked with a number of people asking what they would like in a system and made sure we included the items requested. In addition, we asked these same people what amount would be fair/reasonable for an annual membership of 10 people per account. Please note, at $60 annually and having 10 people on the account, the cost per person is $0.50 per month.


We thank you for the opportunity to serve you. Please contact us with any questions or comments. Please email us at sales@urgentmedicalinfo.com