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Walt’s Family Pharmacy is an independent family owned compounding pharmacy with a passion for serving and educating our customers. We understand the medical field can often be overwhelming and intimidating for those who are not working within it. Keeping this in mind, our pharmacy was established with the goal of having the time to consider each one of our customer’s unique situations. We do this by making you and your family (pets included!) our top priority. Working hand in hand with you and your providers we strive to formulate the best and most cost effective solution to your individual health needs. We are here to listen, educate and care. Never hesitate to ask us a question!

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Walt and Lorraine Jeter


Walt Jeter

Owner & Head Pharmacist

Born and raised in Byromville Georgia, Walt received his pharmacy degree from the University of Georgia. He began his career working in small independent pharmacies throughout rural South Georgia. Each of these pharmacies was an anchor for their communities providing medication, medical equipment, health care advice, and of course a place to stop for a cold bottled coke and conversation. It was there that his love for knowing every customer’s name and individualized service began. Walt then moved to Charleston in 1999 (where he met Lorraine!) and began working with corporate pharmacy chains. Although not ideal, the chains provided a flexible float schedule which eventually allowed Walt time with his three young children during the day. During his years of filling sometimes 600 plus prescriptions during a shift he literally “saw it all.” Recognizing a need for education on multiple drugs, their interactions and side effects Walt obtained his CGP - Certification in Geriatric Pharmacy and a certification in integrative pharmacy. He started a small consulting company to help caregivers and folks manage their prescriptions and interactions. After all kiddos were out of diapers, Walt returned to the independent pharmacy model where he has been ever since. In 2021 Walt and Lorraine were given the opportunity to purchase the pharmacy where he has been head pharmacist for six years and make it their own. And here we are! Walt’s Family Pharmacy.

When not being a pharmacist Walt loves his kiddos( 15, 11 and 9), Reading, Mountain Biking, Skiing, Climbing, Traveling and Camping with his family and friends.

Lorraine Jeter

Owner & Pharmacy Technician

Born and raised in Charleston, South Carolina, Lorraine received her degree in public health from the University of South Carolina. After wandering a bit in her twenties, Lorraine started her company Personal Fitness Solutions. Combining her major of Exercise Science with a 500 RYT in Yoga (and a crazy trip to India) she worked in tandem with a local physical therapist specifically focusing on chronic back pain. It was here that Lorraine found her love for working with folks one on one. She had a passion for educating her clients and guiding them on an integrative return to health combining their medical care with nutrition, exercise and mental clarity and focus. And then...three sweet little kiddos came into her life and we all know how that goes. Flash forward ten years and she and Walt buy their own pharmacy, share their approach to health with others, and get to work together, Whoo Hoo!

When not working in the pharmacy Lorraine loves her kiddos ( 15, 11 and 9), Reading, Reading about cooking (tee hee), Mountain Biking, Photography, Gardening, Traveling and Camping with her family and friends.

Walt's Family Pharmacy is pleased to provide
non-prescription products and health tips through and through our retail store located in North Charleston on University Blvd. Through our retail store, we proudly serve out greater local community and provide statewide shipping for prescriptions, medical equipment and over the counter goods.

Telephone: 843-628-3330

8983 University Blvd, Suite 105,
North Charleston
South Carolina, 29406

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