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Dermatologist-recommended to reduce inflammation and fade scars. COPADERM promotes the healing of old and new surgical scars, burns, cuts, keloid scars, stretch marks, acne scars, wounds and tattoos.

1. Helps protect skin

2. Helps sooth itching and discomfort associated with scars

3. Sustains moist environment around the skin

4. Silky-smooth feeling

5. Fast-drying and transparent

6. Paraben, fragrance and dye-free

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CofixRX Nasal Spray

CofixRX is a nasal spray that acts as a virucidal and sanitizer in the nasal passages. The main ingredient of this over-the-counter nasal spray is Iodine, which has been used for decades in the medical field as a highly effective antiseptic/anti-pathogen cleanser for surgical prep and wound cleansing. Iodine is an essential mineral, meaning the body needs it for proper function but cannot produce it on its own, so it must be ingested from foods such as salt, shellfish and seaweed, dairy products, and eggs. It is essential for proper thyroid function and when used as a topical solution it is a powerful solution that destroys viral pathogens, bacteria, fungi, and parasites. Povidone-Iodine 1.25% is the active ingredient in CofixRX and it also contains purified water, Vitamin D3, Gellan Gum, Xylitol, Carrageenan, Polysorbate, and Sodium Hydroxide. All of these FDA-approved ingredients are sourced from here in the United States and the nasal sprays are also assembled and manufactured in the United States.

How does CofixRX work?

The solution is sprayed into each nostril and binds to and coats the nasopharynx and oropharynx, which is where illness-causing viruses, including Covid-19, the flu, and the common cold incubate. The Povidone slows the rate of absorption of Iodine into the body, allowing it to remain in the nasal passages for up to 8 hours to provide protection from foreign pathogens and bacteria. If a viral or bacterial pathogen enters the nasal cavity, the solution attracts and traps the foreign body then destroys it. CofixRX reduces the viral load of the Covid-19 virus, SARS-CoV-2, by 99.99% and destroys the flu and common cold viruses completely. The added Vitamin D3 provides 50mcg (2000 IU) per application to boost the body’s immune system. The way CofixRX works is actually quite a simple process. The Polysorbate and Sodium Hydroxide work as emulsifiers to stabilize the mixture of solutions, so the ingredients do not separate over time. 

  1. One spray in each nostril becomes effective protection within 45 seconds to one minute.

    1. The Xylitol, which is a naturally occurring sugar substitute, prevents the solution from having an unpleasant taste or feeling in the nasal passages

    2. The Gellan Gum binds the solution to the walls of the nasopharynx and oropharynx. 

  2. If at any point during the following 8 hours a person is exposed to a pathogen, bacteria,fungus, or parasite through droplet, physical contact, or airborne transmission through the nasal passages, the Carrageenan attracts and traps it so the Povidone-Iodine can destroy it within 45 seconds

    1. thus preventing the possibility of incubation and decreasing the foreign body’s potential of causing an illness

  3. The added Vitamin D3 is absorbed into the bloodstream and dispersed throughout the body’s immune system to aid in overall immune health.

How effective is it?

Utah State University’s Institute for Antiviral Research has performed extensive testing on CofixRX’s effectiveness on different illness-causing pathogens. One of their studies was a 7 day controlled experiment to determine CofixRX’s effectiveness against SARS-CoV-2 (the Covid-19 virus), Influenza B (the Flu), HRV-14 (the Common Cold), and RSV (Respiratory Syncytial Virus). The results of this experiment after each virus was exposed to the CofixRX solution for 45 seconds determined that CofixRX is highly virucidal against all four viruses. 

  • 99.9% effective at destroying SARS-CoV-2

  • 100% effective at destroying Influenza B and RSV 

  • 94% effective at destroying HRV-14

Based upon these results and other medical studies on CofixRX, it is believed that the proven virucidal effects of this product would have similar effects on different variants of these different viral pathogens and other illness-causing foreign bodies.

Is it safe for everyone? How do I use it?

The usage instructions for CofixRX are very user friendly and quick, making this a great OTC preventative for most individuals. For adults and children 6 years of age and older, simply shake well then apply one spray quickly and firmly into each nostril, equaling a total dosage of ¼ of a milliliter, of which 1.25% is the active ingredient Povidone-Iodine. Do not tilt your head back during application as it will affect the solution’s ability to properly coat the nasal passages. Do not use this product if you have a Shellfish or Iodine allergy. It is recommended to consult with your doctor before using this product if you have or recently had nasal ulcers or nasal surgery, a nasal injury that is not healed, trouble urinating due to an enlarged prostate, heart or thyroid disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, or if you are pregnant or breast-feeding. After spraying the solution in each nostril the user is protected for 8 hours and can reapply 2 more times throughout the day, totaling no more than 3 applications within a 24 hour period. If a person sneezes or blows their nose within one minute of application, they must immediately reapply the nasal spray to ensure the solution is effectively in place.

CofixRX is a highly recommended preventative solution for: 

  • healthcare and essential workers who are regularly exposed to illnesses, bacteria, fungi, and parasites

  • educators and students who are in close proximity to others for extended periods of time throughout the day

  • high risk individuals who suffer from compromised immune systems would benefit from adding this nasal spray to their daily preventative routine for added protection and immune support

  • traveling, recreational activities and entertainment, and other activities where you may be in close proximity to others

  • it can be used daily or only when special circumstances arise, whichever you prefer!

What if I am already sick?

Although CofixRX is described as a preventative treatment, if a person is already sick they can use this nasal spray too! It will destroy any foreign pathogens and reduce the viral load in a sick person’s nasal passages, decreasing the number of infectious agents that the body’s immune system has to fight, and the Vitamin D3 will help boost the immune system’s abilities to fight off these infectious agents. Regardless of this product’s potent antiviral and sanitizing properties, it is still important to remember that the ultimate goal is to stop and prevent the spread of germs so it is highly recommended that people do not share their nasal spray with anyone else. Overall, CofixRX is a cost-efficient, safe, and powerful antiviral nasal spray that is an excellent addition to your daily illness prevention plan!


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